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cott has developed and produced engaging and meaningful video for more than 10 years. He has created award-winning short-form documentaries, television ads, and instructional videos. Scott is driven by a desire to share significant and inspiring stories with the world—stories that would otherwise remain untold.

Scott decided to create "Splinters of a Nation" after filming a life-history project about his grandmother, Karla. One of Karla's most profound life experiences came from her interaction with German prisoners of war on her farm in Lewiston, Utah. The simple life-lesson she learned was passed on to Scott, giving him a deep, personal connection to the film.

Berlin, Germany - 2013

(Above) After filming documents for the film, Scott Porter (Producer) and Stephan Kuehmayer (Researcher, WASt) talk as they walk through the isles of more than 2.1 million WWII German POW records.