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'Splinters of a Nation' is the first feature documentary to explore the captivity of nearly half a million German prisoners of war in America during WWII. Through the experience of more than 8,000 German POWs held in Utah, the film unveils a powerful collision of two cultures on the home front. For more than three years, these prisoners worked side-by-side with thousands of Utahns on farms and factories across the state, leaving behind some extraordinary tales. There were heroes, villains, murders, escapes, as well as amazing acts of humanity and inspiring friendships, cast against the bitter backdrop of the war.

The story is told primarily through first-hand accounts of living witnesses, including living POWs, interviewed in locations across Germany. Through never-before-seen footage and rare photographs, viewers see the prisoners as they really were, in the authentic American environment of the 1940’s. Dramatic recreations of the story's most important events create a visually rich experience. On-camera interviews from local, national and even international historians and scholars lend credibility and vital context to the film.