"We are a part of our people, a splinter of the nation which ... has been separated into a foreign land"

Unknown German POW, Utah 1945


uring World War II nearly half a million German prisoners of war were captured overseas and sent to prison camps across America. “Splinters of a Nation” tells the extraordinary story of 8,000 prisoners sent to Utah. For more than three years these prisoners worked side-by-side with thousands of Utahns on farms and factories across the state. This powerful collision of two enemies on the home front created life-changing exchanges, and friendships that have long outlived the conflict. Tragedy marked the end of their stay as a deranged American guard opened fire on hundreds of sleeping POWs in
a small rural town—the largest WWII massacre on American soil. The film will be produced in partnership with a public television affiliate and will premiere in 2015 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII.